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About Us

Dr. Karen Bisesi has been in practice since 1996. Originally from California, she moved to Indianapolis when the opportunity arose to work with the Chiropractor for the Indianapolis Colts. She learned a great deal about helping people reach their peak performance and recover from injury. It was then time to open Indy Sports & Family Chiropractic, offering an integrated approach to natural health to Carmel and the surrounding communities.

Achieve Your Goals, Naturally

At Indy Sports & Family Chiropractic, we have a dynamic team of experienced practitioners who deliver chiropractic care, K-laser, massage therapy and other effective solutions that can restore your well-being. Dr. Karen has a particular focus on caring for athletes of all levels, from preteens to professionals. She has also seen great success in treating people with more chronic injuries that have been causing suffering for years. She has a unique insight on how to manage a myriad of different conditions, delivering efficient correction of your particular issue.

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An Incredible Success Story

One of Dr. Karen’s greatest accomplishments was helping a young girl who was just 7 years old. A thorough examination uncovered a life-threatening condition that was causing scoliosis. This patient is alive and doing well today thanks to her mom, who was smart enough to get her spine checked by a chiropractor after the pediatrician hadn’t found anything remarkable. By evaluating her spinal column with a highly experienced eye, Dr. Karen uncovered the cause of her problems and had the privilege of changing the course of a family’s life.

Same-day appointments are available, and we welcome emergency cases. Contact our chiropractic office today to get started!

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